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Beautiful: the Carole King Musical

Directed and Choreographed by Paul Stancato

The John W Engeman Theater

250 Main Street

Northport, NY 11768


Smithtown Matters 

Cindi Sansone-Braff:

"Bringing her A-game to this show, Laura Leigh Carroll, who portrayed Genie Klein, Carole’s loving but overprotective mother gave an outstanding performance"

Reviewed in! 

TBR News Media

"Playing Carole’s mother, Genie Klein, is Laura Leigh Carroll, who portrays her with just the right amount of strength and love."

Created by Rachel A. Shaw

Directed and Choreographed by Glenn Girón

Original Music Composed by Mark Lazeski

TBG Theater
312 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018

God of Marz

Get ready for a journey to the “red planet” in this sexy, new comedy with a psychedelic twist. When two astronauts crash land on Mars, they discover life, and it’s not what we thought.  Amid a host of delightfully politically-incorrect supernatural and iconic characters, the travelers attempt a perilous escape. A play full of laughs, original music, burlesque, dance and aerial arts, God of Marz is a sizzling sci-fi world all its own.


God of Marz has become a commentary on human pride, vanity, feminism and our need to feel important because I think big egos (mine included) are funny,” stated playwright Rachel Shaw. “Setting the play in a space world with kooky characters, nightclub-style lighting and an original soundtrack inspired by “A Clockwork Orange” reflects the absurdity of today’s egocentric ideologies. It’s a wild ride!”

June 13, 2019 by Jan's Reviews
Pup's Books - Ewing Reviewing: GOD OF MARZ

"Laura Leigh Carroll, who played God, benefitted from some of the best dialogue in the play. Ms. Carroll was a hoot, milking every line for its comic elements. She was entirely human, reminding us that we were supposed to have been created in Her/His image."

June 12, 2019 by Kristen Morale
Big Broadway World Review: The Funky Reality of Shaw's GOD OF MARZ
"Shaw's play deduces what is truth and what is fiction, then asks us to "consider" what is right or wrong when presented by the ultimate authority. This authority, by the way, is someone's Jewish aunt reminiscent of Barbra Streisand (LOVE IT). God (Laura Leigh Carroll) is a hoot - a charismatic, free spirit who speaks her mind and enjoys her liquor over an episode of The Kardashians." 

June 3, 2019 by Evan Lambert
Off-BroadwayPlaysStill Open
".....the Jeff Goldblum-esque God (Laura Leigh Carroll) and the hilariously gay Jesus (Adam Chisnall), both of whom should be given their own play. "



New York Theater Festival-

Meet The Cast Of The New York Theater

Summerfest's RUNNING: A NEW PLAY

by BWW News Desk 


Running: A New Play is the story of closeted-gay mayoral candidate Ed Shirko who is outed in a public and lascivious manner and must contend with its effects on his embattled campaign, while coming to terms with his wife Camille, daughter Cassidy, son Justin and Vice Mayor running mate Leslie Marks.


The Running: A New Play cast includes actors:

David Leeper as Ed Shirko

Laura MacLean as Camille Shirko

Jay William Thomas as Justin Shirko

Dineen Markey as Cassidy Shirko

Laura Leigh Carroll as Leslie Marks

Mark Robert Finley directs.


Director:   Liam Aguilera Kelly

action 1.jpg
action 2.jpg

Damien, a 28 year old man, wants to confront an older woman named Iris who abused him when he was a little boy. He finds himself trapped in an intimate and strange scenario in the woman's apartment.

An American Life


In 2015, Hugo moves from his little town in France to Brooklyn, NY, for him it's a dream come true. Throughout his American journey, Hugo fell in love with Michelle. Everything seems as dreamed, but he wasn't ready for such a change of life and.. of president.



Laura Leigh is represented by Katherine Connors of Made Worldwide Agency- and taking classes at Scott Powers Studios. Among the casting directors worked with are: David Bellantoni, Briana Dunlay, and Jamibeth Margolis.

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